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I have been a member of A-Game for 2 years. Over these two years I have participated in several kinds of challenges. But my overall favorite is the Partner Challenge because it was so motivating. I really enjoy the competitive spirit of A-Game during a challenge. Accountability a huge part of my success during a challenge. Each week my partner and I would take a few minutes after a weekend class and map out our classes for the week. Getting and keeping a routine is key for me so this really helped. Another great part of the Partner Challenge is the semi-private weight training sessions. It is during these times that I feel myself getting stronger. As we get older, building muscle is really important for staying healthy and injury free. These sessions increased my strength and made me safer during regular classes. The energy at A-Game is electric during a challenge. Everyone is so positive and encouraging that it makes you push even harder. The physical transformations are amazing, but the mental changes are life changing. Knowing that I made the changes to lose the weight and inches makes me proud and motivates me to keep going. The trainers at A-Game are diverse and so enthusiastic about seeing you succeed. I highly recommend A-Game and the Partner Challenge to anyone looking to make some changes in their life. You won’t regret it! I am looking forward to the next Partner Challenge!
Jill D'Angelo
I participated in the last partner challenge held at AGame fitness and performance. There were several things that helped me reach my goals during the challenge. I had a great partner! We held each other accountable both with diet and strength training. We also had some friendly competition going with other members. It was fun and challenging! We had semi private training with Aaron one night a week and we did the same work out one additional time during the week. We attended our regular classes in the morning- which is where we initially became friends- and we did the mini challenges Aaron posted. It was invigorating! I was surprised how strong I became! I did lose pounds and inches- which was great- but the strength I gained was incredible. Come join us- you will be glad you did!
Liz Hetrick
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