A-Game Beginner Programs

Phit 90 Program

12 weeks to Completely transform your fitness and nutrition

  • ACHIEVE YOUR GOALS – Choose from Private (1-on-1) or Semi Private (4 max) sessions to achieve your goals (drop a size or two, get fit, feel good, etc.)
  • CERTIFIED COACHES – Train with an Elite Staff of coaches, certified in mobility & injury recovery, speed training, powerlifting & olympic weightlifting.
  • PROGRAMS DESIGNED AROUND YOUR BODY – Our experienced coaches will program your workout around your body and your goals.

6 weeks Fitness focus 101 & 21 Day Jumpstart

  • SCARED OF GETTING STARTED? – If you’ve been out of a gym for a long time, or have never even worked out before, this is a great place to start.
  • LEARN THE BASICS – Work together (in a group of 10 people) 3-5 per week and learn basic strength and body weight movements.
  • BECOME STRONGER & CONFIDENT – After completing this program you will become stronger and more confident with a group of new folks just like you!

We Are A-Game!!

Daily Small Group classes – Max 20 people

  • TONS OF 1-1 ATTENTION – Daily Small Group classes offer tons of 1-on-1 coach attention to make sure you are moving safely and getting your best workout.
  • STRENGTH & HEART PUMPING – Our classes combine body weight movements with barbell, dumbbell and kettlebell strength training, and heart-pumping metabolic training.
  • PAIN FREE – Learn to lift well and move well so you can avoid injury and live a strong, supported, pain free life. We pride ourselves on our ability to modify for all needs in our classes, so your workout can be totally customized to your body and your abilities.

I look forward to going to the gym

I’ve belonged to many gyms over time. In most cases, I would reach the point of feeling pretty uninspired walking in. With A-Game, I look forward to walking in AND walking out. The instructors are fantastic , as is the authentic, no-frills athmosphere.