21 Day Challenges

A Game Fitness and Performance is on a mission to help local residents reach their weight loss goals this year- and this program is a big part of that! We’ve run these 21-Day Transformations before in our classes and have had AMAZING RESULTS!!! Honestly it’s the talk of the town. In fact, the average weight loss has been 8-12 pounds in just 21 days! But the weight loss is just a part of it. These programs are DESIGNED TO DETOX YOUR BODY NATURALLY, CLEANSE YOUR LIVER, & OPTIMIZE YOUR METABOLISM to restore normal function back to the way it’s supposed to be. If you have problems with cravings, or need a step-by-step program, then these Challenges are especially for you! The best part is that WE ARE GOING TO BE DOING IT AS A GROUP! So you will NOT be alone. Plus, you’ll get daily FaceBook posts from us to help you to stay on track. The programs have grocery lists, meal plans, recipes, and built in cheat days to help you stay on track. You also have unlimited access to our boot camp workouts at our private training studio in FLOURTOWN!

If you want to join with a friend, NO PROBLEM! Please feel free to invite them on this journey too!

We have a challenge every month. If you would like to sign-up click the link below!


Also, check out our testimonials and see the results! A-Game gets the results you want and we have the clients to prove it!



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