Client Testimonials

We here at A-Game Fitness & Performance take great pride in helping people reach their fitness goals. Check out what some of our clients have to say about us below!


“Aaron Sistrunk is a conscientious and dedicated fitness trainer. If you play tennis or golf (or any other sport), his expertise in “functional training for sports” will most definitely improve your game. With much concentration and practice, I have found that a great bonus of working out under the tutelage of Aaron is that I learned how to use my added strength and range-of-motion to my advantage. I play golf and Aaron’s training sessions have enabled me to call upon the particular muscles of my body when necessary. I find that I can better gage the “explosive energy” that is required at the precise moment, and with much improved tempo. This is crucial if I want my golf shot to get the job done! If you are not involved with a particular sport but just want to stay in shape, or get yourself in much improved shape and condition, then Mr. Sistrunk is your go-to-guy! Aaron really is a “no nonsense” fitness trainer. You are NOT wasting a second of your time if you work out with Aaron. He is the best-of-the-best!”

- Carol

“We have been very fortunate to have had Aaron Sistrunk be a part of our basketball program over the past five years at Chestnut Hill Academy. Aaron worked year round with our players on core strength, speed and agility training, as well as weight training. His work certainly made a very positive impact on our young men, both individually and collectively, and helped the program achieve it’s highest level of success in school history. Having coached at a Division I institution for 12 years (University of Richmond), I put Aaron right there, or above, any of the conditioning coaches that we had at that level.I reminded our Chestnut Hill players often that they were fortunate to be getting exposed to this level of training at this stage of their careers. Aaron’s expertise and rapport with the players were evident. He has an uncanny knack for getting the kids to, “buy in”, to the conditioning work he is giving them. Although rigorous, the players always looked forward to their work with “Coach Aaron.” I strongly recommend Aaron Sistrunk in helping to develop your young athletes.”

- Bill Dooley, Chestnut Hill Academy

“Aaron meets each client where they are. It doesn’t matter if you are 18 or 68, a pro athlete or a couch potato, Aaron will work with you, set goals and make you feel better about your body and good about yourself.”

- Lynn Gadsden

“Inspiring .. motivating …what you always wanted in a trainer. I have been dedicated to fitness for years and started working out with Aaron about 3 years ago. Aaron keeps up to date in the latest approaches to fitness and always thinks about the athlete first. He listens to your goals, understands your abilities and makes every minute of your workout count. What makes Aaron unique is his ability to individualize each workout for total body strength and performance.”

- J4C



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